Problems Sleeping? All Natural Child Safe Sleep Aids Also Safe For Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women

Newly rediscovered ancient mysteries have unlocked a new science.

USAudio’s sleep aids are a real-world application of Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics.

Are you among the millions with a serious sleeping disorder or having severe sleeping problems associated with stress and anxiety? Are you suffering from the terrible side affects of addictive drug based sleep aids?


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What might Alcoholics, Recovering Addicts in need an of effective all natural drug free sleeping aid, Women Breastfeeding and Pregnant Woman with sleep problems all have in common ? The answer is, that there’s Good News for all of them!  After years of exhaustive research; US Audio, Inc., in conjunction with others in the field of auditor sciences, has enhanced its groundbreaking sonic sleep aid alternative, “Secret Excursions”, by infusing what has been called”The Orpheus Tone” (A REAL-WORLD Practical Application of Rodin’s Vortex Mathematics) to bring relaxation and auditory sleep inducement to a whole new level of effectiveness. Why suffer with insomnia when you can get a good nights sleep THIS EVENING without the side effects of prescription drugs or other non-effective or in some cases even dangerous herbal sleep aids!  The point being, your sleeplessness needs not to be an issue any longer.  You literally can download now and be sleeping in minutes.

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THE ORPHEUS TONE (Safe for Pregnant Woman & Children of all ages!)
THE ORPHEUS TONE (Safe for Pregnant Woman & Children of all ages!)
Price: $4.99

Sonic Alternatives, Far More Effective & In Many Cases Safer Than Herbal Sleeping Aids!

USAudio’s all natural chemical free sleep aids alternative White Paper shows how the Fibonacci Sequence discovered within the Chromatic Scale unlocks ancient secrets and mysteries of the pineal gland’s amazing natural rejuvenation properties.   The “Rediscovered Tones” and perfectly “Dithered Harmonic Blends” coincide precisely with Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM). USAudio’s newly rediscovered ancient mysteries of Frequency Manipulation unlock a new science in sound technologies.   Give it a try and you’ll notice not only how it enhances the quality of your sleep, it also boosts your creativity and improves your mental stamina and at times for many their general overall outlook on life.   Some men have even reported a significant rise in sex-drive and improvements concerning their erectile dysfunction issues.

USAudio’s groundbreaking re-discoveries of these Ancient Chromatic Harmonic Blends being extremely effective sleep aids are perhaps the first real-world application of Ridin’s VBM in this field of applied acoustic sciences.

At no extra charge, you may download and send 2 extra copies of The Orpheus Tone to a friend or loved one and allow them also to experience the rejuvenating sleep that will allow their mind and body the ability to recharge and recover naturally without the use or often negative side effects of chemicals or some herbal aids may have.