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sleep aid for pregnant mothers is safe for children of all ages


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Also, in that this is your first visit to our site, it’s very important that we inform you of the PSA (Public Service Announce) that may very well save your life or the life of a friend or loved one.  The PAS is in the form of a short video announcing the finding of an extremely important study on the Dangers of Sleeping Pills.  If you do nothing else while here other than walk away with the information acquired within the announcement, it would be well worth your visit and is something we highly recommend to all new visitors.

Take A Brake From The Smelly Diapers To Smell The

Sleep Pregnant Rose For Children

Sure, our children and family are no doubt the absolute most important precious assets in our lives; as it should be.  Right? Well,…. actually it’s somewhat of a trick question to force us to pause and focus a moment on the actual truth and reality of the matter.  If we stop and really think about it logically, our “absolute” 1st. and number one priority should always be (as awfully self-centered and selfish as it may sound on face value –  yep, you guest it) ourselves!  Now before calling me a baby hating nut and moving on in discuss never to return to this heartless forsaken site, I first would like the opportunity to clarify the signification of my seemingly heartless statement.   First, my strategy, logic or perhaps even more appropriately method-to-my-madness in framing the question in that manner was of course to take advantage of the shock value in highlighting  the important hierarchy in this scenario.   What I actually mean is the simple and common sense fact that the manner and degree in which we take care of the ones we love is directly proportional to (first) how well we take care of our selves.  After all, we can’t very well take care of the ones we love very well if we’re not first taking care of our own essential beings.  A reasonable example could be something as seemingly benign as not using one of the FREE Handy Wipe disposable disinfectant hand sanitizers to first clean the handle of the shopping cart before going in to purchase your baby formula or Pampers.   I know, a no brainer right? Well no, not really.  Although they are FREE and there for an extremely good reason, MOST shoppers do not take the extra 7 seconds it takes to clean the germs (ranging from simple cold or flue germs to things far worst that I’ll leave to your imagination).  The point being of course, that although extremely simple, non-time consuming and cost free the process is, most would take the risk (and yes, Pregnant Mothers and other with small to infant children as well thoughtlessly take the needless risk of exposing their child to Extremely Hazardous bacteria, when a simple 7 second process could literally mean the difference between life and death.  Sure, it may sound a bit extreme, but actually it’s not.   Women all across America, Canada and every where else I’m sure for that matter get sick each and every day without exception for that very reason and yes some even end up dying.  They may not have associated their illnesses or (like I said even in some very real cases) subsequent death with not having used the FREE and handy disinfectant wipes that particular beautiful clear morning when just dashing in the store for a quick moment to pick up that one item they forgot the night before.  But the fact still stands.

So, the whole point is, taking a very brief moment to remember to take care of or in this particular care PROTECT yourself can make all the world of difference as to whether or not you would be in a position to take care of those you love and care for.  And again of course, if pregnant, that simple 7 second hygiene matter becomes even so much more critical.  And the same is just as much true when it comes to the amount and quality of  rest or sleep you receive each evening.  Because you body’s entire immune system is effect by the amount and quality of your sleep or what we here at SSA like to call Rejuvenation Cycles.

Often in a young family (or not so young also for that matter) we find that when our days and lives are filled with doing for and taking care of others that we may find ourselves in a situation in which we’ve been remiss in the important task of taking time out and pausing to think about how we ourselves are doing.  We find this occurring  a great deal in families in which there are several young children (2 to 4) below the age of 12.  If your in that situation or know someone who is, it’s not difficult to see how often we don’t get around to actually taking our own health inventory.  This (and everything else on this site) goes double for pregnant moms and women considering the pleasant invent.

Knowing how true this is and can be often without even realizing it, we’ve sat down and made out a list of what we believe would constitute a reasonably good self check.  With all the noise of the hectic scheduling we find ourselves doing for others we sometimes go far to long in scheduling those small time outs for ourselves.  So the following is a list of questions not only relevant for pregnant,  young, new or expecting mothers to be, it’s a list that should be considered important to everyone and anyone who cares about their health.

We often forget how important a good night’s sleep is.  So this may be one to print and post on your Ice Box as a self reminder to periodically pause to take stock and inventory of your own well being and if pregnant, of course that of your unborn child’s as well.

Pregnant or not, the following are

a few very important sleep related questions you may ”SHOULD” ask your self about your sleep! 

1.   On your work days and days off, how regularly (as in at the same time) do you go to bed and get up on average? Is their a reasonable patter to your behavior in this area of your life?  Ideally going to bed at the same time every evening would be fantastic and is the optimal situation.  But in that the real world is not always (if ever) optimum and you find that is simply not possible, you should certainly consider shooting for a way to establishing a routine; one which includes a reasonable degree of stability.

2.   How often have you had this current sleeping issue and how long has this problem persisted?  Do you think it may be Insomnia or perhaps simply a few bad nights?  Although a short span of restless less nights may sincerely feel as though it’s been a lifetime in some cases, it is not unusual during your mid to latter trimesters have some difficulties obtaining a restful nights sleep.

3.   When you’re really extremely tired, is it still taking you a significantly long period of time to fall asleep? And when you do fall asleep is the rest you’re receiving truly restful? And do you find yourself tossing, turning and awakening yourself through the night or find it to be extremely difficult to fall back asleep once awaken?

4.   Do you tend to snore loudly, sleep with your moth open or wake abruptly when dozing asleep gasping for air or feeling out of breath? If so this could be that you’re suffering from what know as Sleep Apnea which can be determined definitively with a simple overnight sleep study a matter well worth asking your Doctor about.

5.   Do you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning, or very sluggish and in a fog for a long period of time? And, how long dose it take for you to fully awake and once awake do you feel tired throughout your day or perhaps even find yourself nodding out or dozing off during the day? And is it often that you find it very difficult to stay awake throughout your day.

6.   Are you having any driving related issue you would attribute to you recent sleep loss.

7.   With pain being a major reason for chronic night vexation due to sleep depravation would you say your’s has increased significantly since your last doctor’s visit or check-up?

8.   How about any health injuries or health issues that now cause you chronic pain, i.e. arthritis or similar pain issues normally associated with aging.

9.   Are you take or have you been taking any medications (over-the-counter or prescription) on a fairly usual or longterm basis?

11.   How’s your use alcohol, tobacco, caffeine or other stimulants know to be hindering factors when it comes to restful sleep?

12.  Have you been in any situation that would cause you to be experiencing jet lag or any other situation which might cause negative biorhythms?

13.  Have you any new stresses in your life, personal or work related?

14.  Is there a history of sleep problems that run in your family such as Insomnia?

15.  Would you say you worry a lot about being unable to fall asleep, staying restfully asleep throughout the night,?

16.  What do you say you often consume food and drinks or medications before going to bed?

17.  Are there conditions, distractions and other elements in your bedroom, such as a noisy  room mate or TV, radio or any other conditions which might be causing your sleeping area to be less than conducive to or optimal for what would generally be considered a good night’s sleep?

18.  Are you for any reason unable to exercise or do you have or think you may have any new or ongoing health issues which may have arisen since the last time you saw your physician?

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