Roden Vortex Math & Real-world Applications

USAudio, viagra canada sildenafil Inc. : AN INNOVATOR IN SONIC TECHNOLOGIES

Secret Excursion‘s “Orpheus Frequency” is a real-world application of

Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics.

Don’t Suffer Needlessly & Sleeplessly Any Longer


Our Company and it’s Real-world Applications

Our product has been proven to work as advertised  and that’s one reason why we are able to call it a Sleep “INDUCER”  and not simply a sleep aid.  Our’s is more a SLEEP AID ALTERNATIVE.  Since 1985, tadalafil doctor the EMMY Award Winning Production Staff at USAudio, Inc., (in addition to producing sleep aids that really work) have been innovators in the field of Pro-Audio Production & Sonic Mastering and Audio Forensics supporting and in service to a wide range of industries.  From the ever changing analog and digital platforms of today’s fast paced Music & Entertainment Industries to the technological arenas of Private Investigative Audio Forensics, USAudio has remained at the cutting edge of innovation is a wide number industry disciplines within the field of  Analog and Digital Sonic Sciences .  For decades, USAudio has been on the front lines of groundbreaking Exotic Audio Frequency Productions.  Always on the cutting edge, the Genesis of Secret Excursions’ revealing “The Orpheus Frequency” was a technological milestone, projecting USAudio even further above all competitors (in the field of Auditory Relax & Sleep Aids).

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Although USAudio’s Technology has for well over two decades been known and used by Medical Professionals (from Children’s Hospital, Washington, DC and Miami,.. and more) it’s only been since October of 2011 that this amazing product has been made available to the general public.  USAudio’s rediscovery of the “Original” “Correctly Tuned” Solfeggio Frequencies as well as its Proprietary Frequency Blend and Exotic Dithering of its Audio Schematics have redefined the State of The Art in its field.  These innovative techniques, a Real-world Application of Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics have changed the way today’s Auditory Relax & Sleep Aids industry views Frequency Applications and High End Digital Relaxation Delivery Systems.  Simply put, it’s a Whole New Ball Game! With USAudio’s Relax and Sleep Aids, your solution to sleepless nights is only but a click away.  Click the above link, download Secret Excursions’ – The Orpheus Frequency and you’ll be relaxed and sleeping in only minutes.  Now for a limited time,  for only $4.99 you can CLICK TO DOWNLOAD  now and be sleeping in just minutes!

As an added bonus,  USAudio has made it possible (for the same low price of only $4.99) for you to receive two downloads which can each be placed on up to two separate playback systems of your choice.  That in essence gives its purchaser an option of running the program on four separate systems simultaneously.  So, there’s nothing preventing you from using one and allowing up to three other individuals to enjoy its benefits as well.  This is the perfect gift for any friend or loved one who may be suffering from sleep deprivation or chronic insomnia due to anxiety or stress.  This one purchase is essentially the same as receiving 4 for the price of one.  And at the extremely low price of only $9.97; you simply can’t beat it.  And because this Drug Relax Aid has no chemical shelf life concerns, it’ll never expire.  So, now you and three others can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of this amazing sleep and relaxation aid care free for a life time without any concerns.  Download once and that’s it!  You’ll Never Again Need To Buy Another Sleep or Relaxation Aid !

Why not show a few friends or family members that you truly care?  Giving the gift of a restful rejuvenating nights sleep.  And SE-TOF’s best attributes are that it’s safe, all natural, drug free, non-chemically addictive and NEVER EXPIRES ! The frequencies are “non-degenerative” meaning, this product will continue working essentially forever!

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